Therapeutic Consulting Association

Thank you for your interest in the TCA. We are excited to get to know you and to collaborate in helping children and families. The application process takes roughly two weeks and consists of three  phases.

  1. Electronically Submitted Application / Application Fee – This should be completed to the best of your ability. If you are unsure how to answer, just explain your answer.
  2. Phone or Skype Welcome Conversation – We will set up a time to meet you via phone or skype. It is our sincere desire to get to know you and your practice and to help you understand the mission, goals and values of The TCA. This introduction is intended to be a collaborative exploration and help add a personalized element to the Application / Welcome Process.
  3. Notification of Status and Annual Dues – This will typically take up to 14 days from when your application is received.


Phase 1: Electronic Application

To Apply For Membership as a Therapeutic Referring Professional:

To apply for Membership with the Therapeutic Consulting Association applicants must meet the following professional requirements:

– Be actively engaged as a therapeutic referring professional at least ⅓ -time (roughly 12-15 clients for referral a year).

– Education Minimum / Experience Equivalency

– All members must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Additionally, members must:

A.  Hold a Master’s Degree or higher in a relevant discipline (ie Mental Health or Education) from a regionally accredited college or university.


B.  If you do not hold a Masters Degree you may submit your relevant professional experience.  We require at least 5 years of documented experience in providing Substance Abuse Treatment, Behavioral and/or Psychiatric Health, and/or Specialized Education Experience, as approved by the Membership Committee.

– Members of TCA visit, on average, 40 programs and schools a year, with at least 25 of them being unique visits.  Up to 15 may be repeat visits within the same year, and at least ½ must be therapeutic schools or programs.  This can include local day schools or non-residential options in your own geographic area.  Re-visiting programs year-over-year does qualify as a uniquely new visit for that calander year.  Please submit a list of the programs you have visited in the last 12 months.

– Submit a Formal Application for Membership, to be reviewed by Membership Committee:

  • Completed the Application Form
  • A current CV or Resume
  • A brief  description of your practice (100 words or less)
  • Relevant marketing materials for your practice (ie website, brochures, pamphlets)
  • Three professional recommendations.  At least one must be from a program professional and one must be from an active therapeutic referring professional.
  • A copy of your Graduate Degree
  • A signed Full Disclosure Document, which includes indicating any dual relationships (ie contract work for a school or in-house consulting for a program).
  • Acknowledgement of TCA Guidelines of Professional and Ethical Best Practices
  • A non-refundable $60 application fee.
  • Annual Membership Dues are $300. If an applicant becomes a member, the application fee is deducted from the first year’s pro-rated dues.

Members are asked to provide a breakdown of their average annual caseload percentages, by category.  This information, along with consultant’s name, email, website, and contact information, can also be displayed, free of charge, on the TCA website in a searchable database.  These categories are:

Child/Adolescent Therapeutic Child/Adolescent Substance Abuse
Young Adult Therapeutic Young Adult Substance Abuse
Traditional Boarding School Non-Traditional Boarding School
Traditional Day School Non-Traditional Day School
Adult Services Non-Traditional Young Adult Services
Local Support Services


– Please identify which type of Membership you are seeking:

– Full Professional, Clinical Background 

(Referring Professional with 2+ years of experience and a clinical background)

– Full Professional, Education Background

(Referring Professional with 2+ years of experience and an educational background)

– Full Professional Member


Phase 2: Phone or Skype Welcome Conversation

– The Membership Committee will review all applications.  All application materials are confidential, but will not be returned to the applicant.

– Participate in a short, structured orientation to review the application materials.  Additionally, the TCA reserves the right to contact individuals or organizations listed on application documents to verify submitted information.

– Upon acceptance pending members will be asked to submit the pro-rated fee for annual membership, with the pro-rating dated from the point of their application submission.  Future annual dues are billed annually, in July.  Membership becomes effective upon the TCA’s receipt of annual dues, and the member’s participation in a TCA New Members Call, Webinar, or Training Event.  Upon entering the TCA, new members are also invited to join a TCA Consultation Group (see Rights and Responsibilities for more information).


Phase 3: Notification of Status

This will typically take up to 14 days from when your application is received.

You may download a pdf version of this page HERE