The TCA is committed to furthering the field of behavioral health, and we believe that encouraging participation in meaningful research, either for programs or for Referring Professionals, is one way to help advance the field.

One of our goals is to design and implement an efficient and cost-effective mechanism to allow TCA Members to contribute to the Outcomes Research Database, the largest ongoing study in the field of behavioral health. This is a long-term project, necessitating the alignment and integration of numerous stakeholders across multiple organizations, and while we’re not yet to the finish line, we are on the path.

The TCA is currently involved with talks with UNH, OBHC, NATSAP, IECA, YATA, and Remote Research Directors, a collective currently referred to as The MARC (Mulit-Association Research Collaborative). We are grateful for the support of our partner organizations, and hope that our collective efforts will increase the accessibility for participation in research for all interested parties.

We hope you’ll check back for more information, and if you’d like to be involved in research please contact us at


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