Jennifer Taylor
Board Chair

Jennifer Taylor, leads JET ED Consulting ,, and specializes in helping families find educational and therapeutic programs and schools for their child. Her resources include wilderness therapy, residential treatment and therapeutic boarding schools. A graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of San Francisco School of Law, she is a nationally published author, speaker and advocate on issues of parenting, education, special needs children and adolescent mental health. The parent of three children who needed boarding or therapeutic options for education, Jennifer brings incredible empathy to her work. In her free time, Jennifer shows her passion by facilitating a parent support group, Willows In the Wind. She is  a Professional Member of IECA (

Shayna Abraham
Board Secretary

Shayna Abraham is a Therapeutic Consultant based in the San Francisco bay area. She is one of the co-founders of the Therapeutic Consulting Association, a national association for therapeutic consultants and other referring professionals. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Eating Disorders from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has completed additional course work in chemical dependency at California State University, East Bay. Prior to full time consulting, she worked therapeutically with a wide range of clients including adults, adolescents, children and families.

Shayna understands that each family she works with has unique and often complex challenges. Her intent is to meet each family where they are and guide them to reach their individually defined goals. Over the past two decades, she has worked with hundreds of families and has placed clients in academic and therapeutic settings.

Shayna regularly travels nationally and internationally, maintaining her direct knowledge of schools and programs. This allows her to cultivate relationships directly with each of the professionals and programs she recommends. She utilizes her in-depth understanding of diagnosis, assessment, and treatment to advocate for her clients while guiding the family through the entire treatment process.


Joanna Lilley, MA, NCC – Board Member

Joanna holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from West Virginia University.  Prior to launching her consulting practice, she worked therapeutically with adolescents and young adults in wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment, a K-12 system, and two institutions of Higher Education.   She saw firsthand the flight of college students leaving campus in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment, and is now dedicating her life to being a resource to these young adults and their families.  Joanna recognizes the stigma that still exists around seeking help while on a college campus, and wants to help families find peace, stabilization, and explore returning to studies after a leave of absence.  Joanna is fiercely passionate about her work in supporting this Emerging Adult population, and subsequently refers to herself as a “Young Adult Treatment Specialist.”


Carrie Thompson – Program Representative – Non Voting Member

Carrie began her career working at the Oakley School, a therapeutic boarding school, in 2001. Watching young men and women gain insight and maturity while preparing for the next steps in their lives inspired Carrie to seek further career opportunities in the mental health field. Carrie served as the Admissions Director at the Oakley School from 2004 until 2012. In 2012, excited by the opportunity to work with a unique population and with a well-respected team, Carrie accepted a job as Director of Admissions at Gateway Academy in Draper, Utah, where she remained for 5 years.  In 2017, Carrie joined the inaugural director team at Bridge House, a residential program for adults specializing in assessment, stabilization and diagnostic services. She is energized to be a part of a unique and innovative approach to assessment and treatment planning, the backbone to any successful outcome in mental health care. Carrie serves as the Director of Admissions and Business Development at Bridge House.

Originally from Park City, Utah, Carrie headed East for college where she competed nationally as a swimmer while studying psychology at Middlebury College. Although she loved her time in Vermont, Carrie’s love of the western skylines, ski slopes and bike trails lured her back to Utah. Carrie likes to stay active and cherishes time with friends, family and her daughter, who born in 2015. Attending live music performances & practicing yoga are how Carrie likes to spend her free time when she is not on her bike or skis.

Virgil Stucker

Virgil is a visionary, mission-focused, non-profit leader with 30 years of experience focusing on the healing power of community, creativity, and philanthropy. He has served as Executive Director and President of seven not-for-profit organizations and was a founding board member of several others. He was also a turn-around agent for a health care system, a professor for master’s students in philanthropy and is a consultant to other visionaries. He helps good people and organizations accomplish great things through philanthropy and helps distressed families to find a recovery path for their loved ones with mental illness. Since retiring from leadership roles in the mental health field, Virgil has been working as a therapeutic consultant, helping families with adult loved ones who are overwhelmed by serious mental illness access the best treatment for sustained recovery.

Meghan Lahey

​Since 2008, Meg Lahey has used a holistic approach to assessing student issues and creating effective action plans that support families in the therapeutic placement process. She has successfully helped hundreds of students with a wide variety of talents, interests and needs. Meg connects with athletes, artists, academically minded teenagers and young adults, including those with learning differences, addiction issues or emotional challenges. Meg takes the time to get to know each student, wherever they are on their journey, and works closely with them to reach their leadership potential and achieve their scholastic goals. On a quest to maximize family options, Meg regularly visits wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, therapeutic and traditional boarding schools, and colleges. She helps find the best placement, then works with each student and family through the continuum of care.

Meg is a certified school counselor. She holds an Ed.M. and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Columbia University, and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Smith College. She also earned certificates in conflict resolution and peer mediation awarded by the ICCCR at Columbia University. Meg has appeared as an educational expert on radio shows and financial planning webinars, and has been a featured presenter at many professional conferences.

Mike Balotti

​Mike has worked closely with adolescents and their families since 1998. He has supported students and parents in a variety of important roles including writing curriculum and teaching at a residential environmental education center in California, helping to develop and establish an international therapeutic boarding school in Central America, as Director of Admissions for a successful therapeutic wilderness program, and guiding students and families through their personal and academic journeys as an Educational Consultant in Philadelphia for over 10 years.

Mike’s commitment to education and working with adolescents dates back to the early 1990’s when he had his own experiences in alternative education. Having grown up going to Quaker school he always valued the importance of the student having a voice in their process and ownership over their own experience. Mike started his college career in upstate New York, followed by a wide variety of enlightening educational experiences including participating in the Audubon Expedition Institute, a traveling school that focused on environmental education, and completing a semester-long NOLS course in East Africa. After completing a self-designed undergraduate degree combining education, environmental studies, and sociology at the University of Redlands – Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, Mike went on to do some graduate work at both the University of Pennsylvania, and at Bath University in England.

When not helping families, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Jen, their daughter, Sophia, and playing with their dog Luca. Mike also enjoys traveling to new and remote locations, running, reading, volunteering, following baseball, and playing something that resembles golf.

Lexy SpettLexy Spett

As a teenager in a boarding school, Lexy was connected to therapy that turned her life around. After experiencing the immense benefits that come with the right help, she knew that she wanted to support others in the same way. Later in life, when she discovered that she could be the connecting point between families and treatment options, her life came full circle.

She has been an Educational and Therapeutic Consultant since 2003, providing crisis intervention and treatment planning for thousands of families experiencing a variety of issues. From helping children with psychological and behavioral problems to substance abuse issues and more, she is passionate about affecting change in young people and connecting families to appropriate treatment opportunities.

She recently took a sabbatical and spent time as the Executive Director & Clinical Director for a residential treatment center serving American males aged 15-20, located on the beautiful island of Western Samoa in the South Pacific, before returning to her consulting practice in 2019.

Lexy is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (CA 37465). Her clinical background allows her to deliver a thorough, quick assessment of a family’s needs and to educate them on treatment or academic options, both locally and nationwide. Lexy compassionately guides families to the right level of care by assisting them in strategic decision making and supporting them throughout the student’s treatment.

Lexy’s sub-specialties are in the areas of: Young Adult issues, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Self- Harm, Personality Disorders, Complex Mental Health issues and contentiously divorced families.

She has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally to remain current and knowledgeable about specialty schools and programs. Working collaboratively with her clients’ treatment teams to develop appropriate interventions and aftercare options is key to her success as a Therapeutic Consultant.

Lexy has a Bachelor’s Degree from Bennington College in Vermont and earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, California.

Lexy operates out of her California office and serves families across the United States as well as internationally.